​Can you Consume CBD Pre/Post-surgery? Explained!

​Can you Consume CBD Pre/Post-surgery? Explained!

Nov 3rd 2022

CBD has taken the country by storm; most people consider it to be a “cure-all” for several health conditions. CBD has been used widely for the self-management of pain, stress, anxiety, and inflammation. However, people who need to go through surgery inquire whether they can take CBD before or after the surgery.

But, to understand whether you can consume CBD pre/post-surgery, you need to understand what CBD is and what it does to your body.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is not psychoactive so it does not make you feel high like THC. THC is another cannabinoid extracted from the same plant but it is psychoactive and makes people high.

However, the allowed potency of THC is less than 0.3% so, adding less than the allowed dosage of THC gives people all the therapeutic benefits and does not make them feel high.

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Can I take CBD Pre/Post Surgery?

Dr. Kirby from Kirby Plastic Surgery recommends not taking CBD pre- or post-surgery. The reason for this is we don’t know how CBD interacts with some medications that are given before or after surgery.

Moreover, CBD and other cannabinoids such as THC and CBN have an anticoagulant effect on our body which means these cannabinoids act as a blood thinner. And when your body needs surgery; it is recommended to take CBD at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery.

Taking CBD a few days before and after your surgery might put you at risk of increased bleeding during or after the surgery. And this can lead to the need to have another surgery to correct problems like asymmetry, excessive bleeding, and also tissue death after your surgery.

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Can I Smoke Weed Before/After the Surgery?

Most people think smoking weed to be one of the safest options when one needs to undergo surgery but, it might cause some serious problems as well like a respiratory problem in your lungs. Moreover, marijuana interferes with aesthesia while increasing the risk of pneumonia post-surgery or airway emergency. In addition, it may delay the healing process and might cause poor scarring of the area of surgery in your body.

However, taking CBD edibles is a safer choice but do not forget to discontinue consuming CBD edibles even two-week pre and post-surgery.


If you want to take CBD edibles or any other CBD-based product then you shall consult your physician to determine your health condition and decide what is the right time for you to have them pre- or post-surgery.