​Does CDB Make you Hungry?

​Does CDB Make you Hungry?

Oct 13th 2022

Most people think that CBD makes one hungry like THC does but, what is the truth? Does CBD make you hungry? Does CBD give you munchies? No, it is not true!

Taking CBD-based products will not make you hungry directly. However, if you are taking CBD products to cure nausea then it will make you eat more but it will not cause you to feel hungry at all.

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When it comes to THC it does not only make you feel high but hungry as well. Because it activates the CB1 receptor of your body’s endocannabinoid system and binds with them. CB1 receptors play a significant role in hunger and appetite.

On the other hand, CBD does not make you hungry but works on reducing your appetite and helps with weight loss while boosting metabolism. Taking CBD will give you munchies but you will feel the need to eat only and the result will be less frequent eating.

CBD and Your Appetite

CBD has revolutionary benefits if you want to speed up your weight loss journey. CBD directly interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. These receptors play a vital role in regulating various functions of your body such as stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and burning white fat cells and turn them into brown fat cells to reduce appetite.

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Is It Okay to Feel Hungry After Taking CBD?

If you feel an urge to eat more and more after consuming CBD, it’s not uncommon. People experience increased hunger after taking CBD-based products but, it may be due to some other reasons.

One of the main reasons why you might feel hungry after taking CBD oil or CBD-based products is that you are stressed. Stress releases a hormone: cortisol, which makes you feel hungry and has an urge to eat more and more.

Who should go for CBD Oil/ CBD-based Products and Why?

CBD oil or CBD-based products are widely used to manage various health conditions such as reducing inflammation, pain, stress, and anxiety. Nowadays, as more research is being done on the efficacy of CBD for weight loss, people are opting for it while following a weight-loss diet and exercise routine. However, if you have a certain health condition then you should consult your physician before going to CBD.

Note: Always consult your doctor to determine the right dosage and time to take CBD for you, even if you are healthy.

Ending Note:

Taking CBD does not make you hungry, however, you might feel the need to eat but the result will not be binge-eating. So, sit back and relax and grab your favorite natural CBD product by Milk of the Gods and step into CBD living like a PRO.