​When and How to Use CBD Products for Inflammation?

​When and How to Use CBD Products for Inflammation?

Nov 8th 2022

Inflammation is a serious concern for people like athletes or the ones who have an active lifestyle. However, it can be a concern for anyone out there who is suffering from arthritis or any other medical condition.

CBD has been proven to help people reduce various symptoms such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, pain, and inflammation. But, to understand when and how to take CBD for inflammation; we need to study what is CBD and what health benefits it has in terms of coping with inflammation.

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What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found naturally in the cannabis plant. This type of compound is known as a cannabinoid, it is one of the most famous and widely used cannabinoids. The reason for such hype around CBD-based products is that CBD is not psychoactive and does not make you feel high.

However, there are other cannabinoids like THC that are psychoactive and they make you feel high. But, the amount of THC allowed by the FDA is less than 0.3% and Milk of the Gods produces vegan CBD and THC –based products with utmost compliance with the FDA

Why CBD Works for Inflammation?

CBD works well for inflammation because it has great anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. It works with the nervous system of our body, improves the immune system, and reduces the migration and adhesion of the immune cells.

It interacts with the endocannabinoid system of our body and stimulates CB1 and CB2 receptors to effectively regulate functions such as pain management, inflammation reduction, stress management, and sleep orders.

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How and When to take CBD Products for Inflammation?

When it comes to how to take CBD products for inflammation, the most common question people have that which type of CBD-based product would be suitable. Please note that you can take any type of product having CBD as an ingredient such as CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD tinctures, and CBD topicals.

However, you need to consult with your physician to determine the right dosage, time, and type of CBD product that would do the need for you.

And when it comes to when to take CBD for inflammation, if you prefer to apply a topical on the area you are feeling inflammation; you can apply it at the time you feel pain or inflammation. However, you need to work with your physician to know how many times a day you can apply a CBD topical to the area of inflammation and what should be the potency of CBD in it.

If you opt for CBD edibles then you can take one edible in the morning and the other in the evening. However, you can take more or less CBD edibles at the time of the day that works for you.

Ending Note:

Taking CBD products is one of the best ways to manage pain and inflammation. However, it is wise to always consult your physician to determine the right dosage, time, and type of CBD-based product.