Italian Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Tincture - Cinnamon Flavor - 1000mg

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Italian Cold Pressed Hemp Oil with 1000mg of CBD by Milk of The Gods


NATURAL FORMULA - Our tincture formula is made using only simple, natural, pure ingredients. Hemp CBD Oil is combined with organic coconut oil, cold pressed essential oils, and natural Stevia for flavor. Just four ingredients for an amazingly robust taste, and an oil thatis full of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC.

Broad Spectrum CBD - This formula is unlike other hemp oil, made with the highest quality broad spectrum CBD oil containing stronger levels of all major cannabinoids, and it's 100% THC free. Our broad spectrum CBD oil is strong, but smooth, because our hemp is organically grown. Pesticide and insecticide free and grown on virgin soil, never before used to grow other crops. Pure and Powerful - that's what we believe in.

Italian Cold Pressed Oils - We want to do good, but also taste good. Our tinctures are flavored with 100% organic cold pressed essential oils imported from plants grown in fertile soil in the Italian countryside. The cold pressed process uses no heat but extracts only the light oils without destroying the delicate flavor compounds of the plant. This helps create an intense flavor that is clean and sublime, yet bold and memorable.

CAUTION - For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children.