Italian Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Tincture - Lavender Flavor - 1000mg

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Lavender vegan CBD tincture is formulated to help you be more, do more and achieve more by getting powerful benefits in just a few minutes of taking the product. The delicious lavender flavor allows you to get CBD goodness while enjoying every drop of it. 

This broad-spectrum CBD tincture comes with intelligently cold-pressed oils derived from plants grown in the virgin, fertile soil of the Italian countryside. This compression makes our proprietary blend to be irresistibly delicious.

Milk of the Gods carefully produces vegan CBD tincture while preserving the delicate flavor compounds of the plant to help you get the powerful therapeutic benefits of all cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG to help you get a mild, calm feeling without any worries or getting high. 

  • 1000mg of Broad-spectrum CBD Oil 

      Adequate supply to achieve your dream lifestyle  

  • CBD Derived from American Grown Hemp 

     Cannabinoid-rich tincture

  • Infused with Italian Grown Essential Oils 

     Knock out any condition with enhanced bioavailability 

  • Made with Cold Compression 

    Divine flavor preserved for your taste buds 

  • 100% FDA Complaint (0% THC) 

    Get A mild calm buzz without getting high 

  • Free Shipping Across the U.S. 

   Get them delivered whenever, wherever you want.  

  • 100% Happiness Guaranteed 

   Fall in love with tasty and smooth cannabis bliss 



Broad-spectrum CBD, lavender oil, coconut oil, stevia.  

Directions to Use Lavender Broad-spectrum Vegan CBD Tincture:  

If you are new to taking CBD tincture, start with taking 2-4 drops a day by squeezing the dropper under your tongue, closing your trap, and holding the drops under your tongue for about thirty seconds. And if you are a veteran CBD user, you can take four to eight drops a day. 


This product is produced for adult usage only. Always consult your physician whether you want to take vegan CBD tincture to manage a health condition or you just want to be more active and happier; the doctor’s recommendation is important.