Pure Organic Hemp Flower Pre Rolls - Elektra 1g - 19% CBD Sativa

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Elektra organic hemp flower pre-roll- is specifically made for those looking for a delightful and energizing daytime strain. Each flower is hand-picked and hand-trimmed to ensure the delivery of pure, organic, and lush buds that helps you leverage the powerful therapeutic benefits of all cannabinoids.  

Our pure hemp flowers work wonders to help you get rid of stress, anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and several other health conditions. Each flower is made with American-grown hemp and packed into an anti-oxidant container to ensure you get the power pack of cannabis benefits to achieving the health and happiness you ever wanted. These hemp pre-rolls are loaded with notes of citrus, berry, and ginger so that you get relaxed while smoking it with utmost convenience.  


  • 100% Organic Hemp Flowers  

    Get relaxed while smoking cannabinoid-rich hemp pre-roll  

  • American Grown Hemp 

    100% free from heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers. 

  • Unique and Cannabinoid-rich Strains 

     Amazing taste, powerful therapeutic benefits 

  • Hand-picked, Hand-trimmed Hemp Flowers 

    Get lush buds loaded with cannabinoid-rich trichomes  

  • Carefully made with Humidity Control 

    Smoke smooth & fresh flower  

  • 100% Compliance 

    Complied with FDA & state regulations 

  • 100% Happiness Guaranteed 

    Love the fresh vibe of pure hemp flowers 


How to Use Elektra Pure Hemp Pre-roll? 

  1. Put the end into your mouth 
  2. Light the tip with a lighter 
  3. Start puffing slowly 
  4. Don’t hold it in for long