Pure Organic Hemp Flower Pre Rolls - Bubba Kush 1g - 23.3% CBD Indica

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This organic hemp pre-roll is infused with bubba kush, an Indica-dominant strain to help you relax like never before while enjoying mesmerizing aroma with a hint of coffee and cocoa, and its earthy, bold flavor. It is made specifically for those looking for 100% organic hemp flower to help you knock out stress, deep-seated pain, inflammation, epilepsy, insomnia and other health conditions like a PRO with its cannabinoids-rich strain. 

Milk of the Gods makes Hawaiian haze hemp pre-rolls completely free from THC so that you get a mild calm buzz without getting high. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran cannabis user, our bubba kush organic hemp pre-rolls work wonders for everyone with just 23.3% CBD Indica. 

We make them with love and care while handpicking and hand-trimming each flower by our trained artisans to get you a neat and lush bud packed with the goodness of cannabinoids. Bubba kush pure organic hemp flower pre-roll dazzles you with its powerful calming effects, divine coffee-based aroma, and subtle sweet taste. 

  • 100% Organic Hemp Flowers  

    Get relaxed while smoking cannabinoid-rich hemp pre-roll  

  • American Grown Hemp 

    100% free from heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers. 

  • Unique and Cannabinoid-rich Strains 

     Amazing taste, powerful therapeutic benefits 

  • Hand-picked, Hand-trimmed Hemp Flowers 

     Get lush buds loaded with cannabinoid-rich trichomes 

  • Carefully made with Humidity Control 

     Smoke smooth & fresh flower  

  • 100% Compliance 

     Complied with FDA & state regulations  

  • 100% Happiness Guaranteed 

     Love the fresh vibe of pure hemp flowers 


How to Use Pure Hemp Pre-roll? 

  1. Put the end into your mouth 
  2. Light the tip with a lighter 
  3. Start puffing slowly 
  4. Don’t hold it in for long