Pure Organic Hemp Flower Pre Rolls - Jack Frost 1g - 8.5% CBD / 7.5% CBG

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Pure Organic Hemp Flower (1g)


ORGANIC AMERICAN HEMP - Our pure hemp flower is certified organic, and grown on virgin soil, not previously used to grow other crops so it's naturally free from heavy metal, free from pesticides, and free from fertilizers. A better quality flower that gives you a smooth draw, bold flavor, and all the benefits of naturally occuring cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC (less than 0.3%). Our hemp is sourced from Kentucky, USA and grown as part of the state's hemp program, making it compliant against all state and federal government regulations.


UNIQUE STRAINS - Our strains are cannabinoid rich, having over 20% CBD (CBD and CBDA), which means you get more of the therapeutic benefits of the plant, as nature intended. It means you get more with less. Not only do we source the best tasting, most beneficial strains, we also take great pride in tracking and finishing the product. From the farm to the plant, our flower is kept in ideal temperature and humidity conditions. All our flower is hand trimmed by trained artisans, carefully plucking away unwanted leaves, flowers, and stems to present a lush bud flourishing with cannabinoid rich trichomes. This flower is then packed in sealed containers with nitrogen to halt the oxidation process. This gives you the freshest flower possible.


ULTRA SMOOTH - Flower that is too dry burns hotter, and more quickly so not only do you waste more of the precious cannabinoids, but you also get a bitter tasting product. Too wet, and you risk mold and bacterial contamination. So we created the best product by controlling the process from seed to shelf, taking great care transporting the flower in controlled temperature and humidity chambers, essentially locking in the great natural flavors so you end up with the smoothest, freshest flavor.

CAUTION - For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children.