Pure Organic Hemp Flower Pre Rolls - Jack Frost 1g - 8.5% CBD / 7.5% CBG

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Jack frost organic hemp pre-roll is specifically made for those looking for more focus, more energy, and more relaxation! Every flower is hand-picked and hand-trimmed by trained artisans to provide lush buds with the powerful benefits of all cannabinoids. 

This Hawaiian haze and jack frost hemp flower pre-roll is the perfect way to instantly get the most out of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis to knock out anything you are struggling with in a few moments. Whether you struggle with debilitating anxiety, deep-seated pain, inflammation, insomnia, seizure, or any other condition; these pure hemp flowers help you achieve the health and happiness you ever wanted.  

It helps you get relaxed with utmost convenience and style while enjoying its heavenly aroma and earthy and bold flavor. Milk of the Gods utilizes only 100% organic hemp flowers grown locally to provide you with a safe and easy-to-use joint. 


  • 100% Organic Hemp Flowers  

    Get relaxed while smoking cannabinoid-rich hemp pre-roll  

  • American Grown Hemp 

   100% free from heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers. 

  • Unique and Cannabinoid-rich Strains 

    Amazing taste, powerful therapeutic benefits 

  • Hand-picked, Hand-trimmed Hemp Flowers 

   Get lush buds loaded with cannabinoid-rich trichomes 

  • Carefully made with Humidity Control 

   Smoke smooth & fresh flower  

  • 100% Compliance 

   Complied with FDA & state regulations 

  • 100% Happiness Guaranteed 

   Love the fresh vibe of pure hemp flowers 


How to Use Pure Hemp Pre-roll? 

  1. Put the end into your mouth 
  2. Light the tip with a lighter 
  3. Start puffing slowly 
  4. Don’t hold it in for long