Pure Organic Hemp Flower Pre Rolls - Suver Haze 1g - 21.5% CBD Hybrid

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This Suver Haze Pre-roll is a product made specifically for those who want to relax with convenience, and style without getting high. These organic hemp rolls are made using premium and 100% organic hemp flowers to provide you with an easy-to-use joint that you can use anytime, anywhere.  

Whether you need to wind after a long day or you need to sleep while destressing naturally; Milk of the Gods got you covered with pure CBD flower pre-roll loaded with cannabinoids and THC (less than 0.3%). Our organic hemp pre-rolls are filled with pure hemp flowers that are handpicked and hand-trimmed by trained artisans to provide you’re a neat, clean, and lush bud packed with the goodness of all cannabinoids.  

This Hawaiian haze hemp flower pre-roll dazzles you with its smooth strain and bold flavor while helping you get a calm buzz of relaxation without worries. Whether you want to use it to get rid of stress, anxiety, infertility, inflammation, epilepsy, or any other health condition or to snack on them; they have the right CBD dosage to start CBD living with no worries. 


  • 100% Organic Hemp Flowers  

     Get a mild calm buzz without worries  

  • American Grown Hemp 

     Free from heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers. 

  • Unique and Cannabinoid-rich Strains 

     Amazing taste, powerful therapeutic benefits 

  • Hand-picked, Hand-trimmed Hemp Flowers 

     Get lush buds, cannabinoid-rich trichomes 

  • Sealed, Anti-oxidant Container 

     Fresh flowers, fresh vibe 

  • Carefully made with Humidity Control 

     Smoke smooth & fresh flower  

  • 100% Compliance 

     Complied with FDA & state regulations 

  • 100% Happiness Guaranteed 

     Love the fresh vibe of pure hemp flowers