Nano CBD Water Soluble 250mg

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Water Soluble CBD 250mg by Milk of The Gods


NATURAL FORMULA - Our proprietary formula is made using only natural ingredients, and through innovative methods, we produce great tasting water soluble CBD. We use water, CBD oil, and a proprietary blend of natural extracts and emulsifiers to create a delicate product that is full of Cannabinoid rich oil. This delicate formula is what gives our product a "milky" appearance.

NANOTIZED CBD - This formula is unlike other CBD because it works unlike any other CBD. We first shrink the CBD molecule down to a nano size, and then combine it with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to create a structure that will blend easily into water-based products. This product can be used in any type of drink such as coffee, tea, smoothies or just your everyday water.

IMPROVED BIOAVAILABILITY - Bioavailability is a measure of how easily a molecule or nutrient can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

CAUTION - For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children.