Nano CBD Water Soluble 250mg

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This Nano CBD WSL is made with 250mg CBD for those who want to start their journey to achieve incredible life-changing relief from any condition they are struggling with while having a minor dosage of broad-spectrum CBD. 

250mg water-soluble CBD comes with all the goodness of multiple cannabinoids that helps you achieve the relaxation and happiness you deserve. 

Milk of the gods uses nano-technology to shrink CBD molecules and encapsulate them into plant-based extracts, emulsifiers, and water for you to get your power dose whenever, wherever you want.  

Nano CBD WSL works well for everyone with 250mg broad-spectrum CBD. Nanotized CBD gives you the leverage to enjoy powerful benefits of cannabis while maintaining your lifestyle; add it to your juice, shake, milk, coffee, tea, or just everyday water! 


  • 250mg Broad-spectrum CBD 

      Smaller dose, bigger impact, life-changing relief 

  • Nanotized CBD 

      Fast-acting & long-lasting cannabis bliss 

  • Milky Appearance 

      Buckle up for a delightful experience 

  • Improved Bioavailability 

     Nanotized for better absorption

  • Zero THC 

     Get a mild calm buzz without getting high  

  • Free Shipping Across the U.S. 

     Get them delivered whenever, wherever you want.  

  • 100% Happiness Guaranteed  

     Love the fresh vibe of CBD 



Nanotized Broad-spectrum CBD, all-natural extracts and emulsifiers 

Directions to Use Nano CBD WSL:  

  • Shake well 
  • Fill the dropper 
  • Place under your tongue for about 30 seconds or add it to your drink 



This product is produced for adult usage only. Always consult your physician whether you want to take nano CBD WSL to manage a health condition or you just want to be more active and happier; the doctor’s recommendation is important.  

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any health condition.